Thursday, December 14, 2017

Low Sodium Items found at Walmart

Seasonings & Sauces - Mrs. Dash seasonings, Mrs. Dash Marinades, No Salt Ketchup, Sodium reduced Worcestershire sauce, some hot sauces, Mrs. Rinaldi's no salt added...

Low Sodium Foods

A fun game of low sodium foods was played by our members. The list is exactly as the comments were added. It is by...
oatmeal for dinner

Oatmeal at Dinnertime

in meatloaf or meatballs ground up and used as breading for chicken, chops, etc. streusel topping on crumbles or muffins breads and rolls ...
breakfast oatmeal

Oatmeal for Breakfast:

1. porridge with various toppings – fruit, syrups, nuts, etc2. oatmeal pancakes (recipe in files/site)3. oatmeal mug muffins (recipe in files/site)4. oatmeal muffins....thedailydish.us5. baked...

Pantry Items for a Low Sodium Life

Spices: Chopped garlic in olive oil Variety of dried spices thyme marjoram oregano basil parsley cayenne pepper cinnamon nutmeg cumin curry garam masala turmeric cardamom paprika...

Baking Tips

food substitutes



Helpful info to give to the waitstaff in restaurants

WHAT I CANNOT EATNo Salt No Salt Blanched vegetables or grains or pasta cooked in salt water No Salted stocks or broths No...

Low Sodium Meals With Leftover Turkey

1. Traditional turkey dinner with potatoes, gravy, veggie2. Turkey Soup3. Turkey sandwiches4. Turkey Club sandwiches5. Turkey Croquettes6. ...

Helpful Information

FREEZER LIST TO MAKE EATING LOW SODIUM A BIT EASIER1. bones...put beef bones in one bag, pork bones in another and chicken bones in...

Sodium Reduced Bacon & Ham in Canada

Name of Bacon Where Purchased 2 sl uncooked calories 2 sl uncooked mg sodiumMaple Leaf Most major grocery stores 200 150Selection Metro, Food Basics 180 170Schneider’s Most major grocery stores 200 13060 (cooked) 78 (cooked)Kirkland Costco 230 150Compliments Sobey’s, FreshCo., Foodland 220 230President’s...


Rumor has it that a Chinese cook discovered tofu more than 2,000 years ago by accidentally mixing a batch of fresh soy milk with...

The Real Deal

The Real Deal Dill Pickles are a local company out of Georgia who manufacture low sodium/low sugar pickles and many other products. The owner...

Things you can order online

Vitacost:Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper SalsaMrs. Renfro’s Pineapple SalsaBraswell’s Jalapeno JellyWestbrae No Salt Stoneground MustardBob’s Red Mill 8 Grain Hot CerealEnrico’s No Salt Added Pasta...

How Much Salt Is Naturally in Vegetables?

How Much Salt Is Naturally in Vegetables?Sodium is found in many foods and is even naturally occurring in some fresh vegetables. The majority of...

Low Sodium Breakfasts to Get You & Your Day Going

Eggs (1-2) fried, boiled or poached, low sodium homemade toast, unsalted butter Homemade low sodium hot cereal, fruit, milk (Quaker Quick Oats, Malt-O-Meal,...

Middle of the Day Mystery Meal Known as Lunch

For most lunch is the hardest meal of the day. Before our low sodium days it was always a sandwich of some kind, cookies...

Low Sodium Snacks

Popcorn (air popped or Skinny Pop) No sodium tortilla chips (homemade or bought) Lightly salted potato chips (Pringles, Lays, Utz, Kettle & others) ...

Low Sodium Meals for Two That Won’t Bust the Budget

When you are just starting out with low sodium eating and cooking, it can be intimidating. It can also be expensive if you are...

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